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    Creating widespread awareness of appropriate kindergarten and age-level targets among parents and child-care providers significantly increases the number of students entering kindergarten with grade-level skills.

Welcome to Rensselaer Central Primary School!

Take a look back at the dedication of the Rensselaer Central Primary School.
Fall, 2013
Welcome to Rensselaer Central Primary School, home of the youngest students in the Rensselaer Central Schools Corporation.  Our school is a wonderful place to be!  RCPS offers a dynamic, nurturing and positive learning atmosphere where smiles are contagious. We love to recognize our students and encourage them as they go through their educational journey. 

The school’s motto is “Success Starts Here!”  As an educational team, we are dedicated to academic excellence and holding high expectations to ensure that all students will be successful learners.  Our academic instruction is based on meeting students where they are and moving each one forward.  Goal setting is also important in our building.  Teachers and students set goals to help monitor academic progress.  We encourage students to do their best and celebrate their growth.

Parents and volunteers are enthusiastically welcomed at RCPS.  We sincerely invite you to visit us and see our wonderful classrooms, happy students and exciting programs.  Talk to us about how to become an active participant in the learning experiences within our school.  Your ideas, suggestions and involvement in our school help make it a better place for our students.

We truly enjoy what we do and consider it a privilege to serve the students and families at RCPS.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

RCPS Faculty & Staff


Mrs. Jennifer Norris



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